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Corporate Yoga

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Why Corporate Yoga?

Bringing Yoga classes to the workplace is a wonderful way to increase the well-being of employees, raise productivity and a stimulating fun way to improve morale. Corporate Yoga is onsite and convenient, fostering a continued practice. Yoga is a great way to begin the morning, to revitalize at mid-day and to de-stress at the end of the day.


Benefits of Corporate Yoga

For Businesses:

  • Increases productivity

  • Enhances job satisfaction for employees

  • Reduces staff  turnover and absenteeism

  • Decreases health care premiums

  • Is an attractive benefit for potential new employees


For Employees:

  • Increases energy and decreases fatigue

  • Improves focus and concentration

  • Reduces stress, anxiety & depression

  • Creates muscle strength and  increases flexibility and mobility

  • Improves posture

  • Improves overall health  and well-being


What You Will Need
  • A quiet, large comfortable space (boardroom, spare office, lunchroom)

  • Participants will need to bring a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle


About Our Classes
Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a combination of techniques to create balance within the body, mind and spirit:

  • Physical postures (asanas) to strengthen muscles and create flexibility

  • Yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) to enrich the blood with oxygen, create calmness and control

  • Meditation to increase deep inner and outer awareness, increase concentration and energy, to relax and create a deeper sense of happiness and well-being.

Participants will become stronger, more flexible and will feel revitalized and relaxed at the end of each class. Levels can range from beginner to intermediate. The most popular class is the ALL LEVELS which accommodates a broad range of abilities.


Boardroom Yoga / Desk Yoga

Boardroom Yoga is a more gentle class designed for companies who do not have much space, as classes can be done standing or in chairs. It is also wonderful way to teach employees methods that they can take back to their desks. Participants can wear regular workplace clothing but are encouraged to wear loose fitting clothing for ease of movement.



Meditation will relax the body and calm the mind as well as increase awareness, focus and concentration. Creativity is stimulated, and the participant will leave with a more relaxed and content state of mind.  Meditation has been shown to increase quality of life, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and much more. Classes are 45 minutes long, for all levels.


Onsite Corporate Rates 

Corporate rates are based on the number of participants and frequency of classes. Discounts are offered for classes booked for 3 month periods and for 2 or more classes per week.  


Contact Us

For further information on rates and to book classes for your corporation,  contact Louise Vien at

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